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Pet Wellness in Saskatoon

Regular veterinary care and check-ups are the best way to keep your pet healthy and detect problems early.

Regular Wellness Exams

Each pet should have at least one annual wellness examination. More frequent exams are recommended for older pets, or pets with known medical conditions. Wellness examinations allow us to review your pet's lifestyle, nutrition, and general health, and catch a potential problem early. As with humans, early detection and diagnosis generally lead to better outcomes. 

Some pets will readily show signs when they are sick, but most can be very good at hiding their illness until it becomes severe. Routine wellness exams are key to the long-term physical health and well-being of your pet.


With every wellness consultation, our team will gather a detailed history and a veterinarian will perform a thorough physical examination.  Ample time is set aside to answer all your questions and have an in-depth discussion about your pet's lifestyle and well-being, and to address any medical issues that are identified. In some cases, vaccinations, deworming, and/or routine bloodwork may be recommended. These are always tailored to your pet's particular situation.

When Should My New Pet Be Examined? 

Congratulations on your new pet! Newly adopted animals should be examined within a week of adoption. This will help us ensure they are in good health, and allow us to address any problems early. Their vaccination and deworming history will be reviewed, and a schedule for future wellness visits will be devised with you.


Most puppies and kittens will require three vaccine visits as part of their primary vaccination series, followed by a one-year booster. Their core vaccines then generally need to be repeated every 3 years. Some vaccines need to be updated yearly.


Vaccines ensure your pet is protected against the most common infectious diseases for their species, many of which can be fatal in non-vaccinated pets. Diseases such as rabies can be transmitted to humans by infected animals, making it all the more important to keep your pet protected against this virus.


For most pets, deworming is recommended on a yearly basis. High-exposure animals may be dewormed more frequently. 

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