Veterinary Services in Saskatoon

The Best Care Possible

Regular veterinary check-ups are the best way to keep your pet healthy and to detect problems early.

Our veterinarians perform a wide range of surgeries, from spaying and neutering pets to soft tissues surgeries and orthopedics.

Veterinary Chiropractic can help remedy a variety of conditions, specifically those that cause pain and/or lack of mobility.

We have in-house blood work, full dental equipment (including digital dental x-rays) and advanced imaging (digital radiography and ultrasonography).

Like us, our canine and feline companions experience aches and pains throughout their lives. Massage therapy performed by our professionally trained  massage therapist is a great way to help them feel better, reduce the need for pharmaceutical pain medication, and keep a healthy activity level through their old age.

We provide cold laser therapy for our patients to help manage pain and enhance healing. We utilize the Laser for the healing aid in post-surgical incision sites, reducing swelling in inflamed areas, relieving hot spots, arthritis relief, and soft tissue healing. 

Our clinic treats many types of animals, including cats, dogs and exotics such as rabbits, ferrets, rats and reptiles. Dr. Rekha Orchard is also a target veterinarian for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan.

Oral pet health is essential for a good quality of life. Our clinic staff have over 25 combined years of dental experience and advanced dental training, not only on dogs and cats but also exotics (rabbits and rodents). Dental radiology is a vital tool in diagnosing dental disease located under the gums, otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Proper dental procedures are performed on patients under anesthesia. At Orchard Veterinary Care, Dr. Rekha Orchard has advanced training in Veterinary Anesthesiology which allows us to take on complicated cases.

Emergency Care

 Our clinic accepts emergencies during regular business hours. Please call the clinic prior to bringing your pet so we can prepare for your arrival. An emergency fee may apply. After-hours emergencies are directed to the Small Animal Clinic at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine; they can be reached at 306-966-7126.