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In-House Laboratory For Your Pet

Blood and urine tests are often recommended as a routine health check for pets, and when pets are showing signs of disease. Our in-house laboratory allows us to run most common blood tests. We also routinely send blood, urine and tissue samples to an outside laboratory for advanced testing.

In-House Laboratory

Orchard Veterinary Care maintains a full-service diagnostic laboratory that allows us to perform complete blood counts, chemistry profiles, electrolyte analyses, thyroid hormone levels, urinalysis, FIV/FeLV tests, and other valuable tests for your pet. Fast and accurate results mean a faster diagnosis and treatment for your pet's condition.

We frequently evaluate cytology to evaluate for skin infections and skin growths, ear cytology to look for yeast or bacterial otitis, skin scrapings to look for ectoparasites, and perform in-house fungal cultures. These tests can often lead to a diagnosis, or help us decide the next step in your pet's work-up.

Referred Out Tests

Advanced blood, urine and fecal tests are sent to an outside laboratory, with results often available within a day or two for more routine tests.

Biopsies and advanced cytology samples are also sent to an outside laboratory for evaluation by a specialist.

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