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Dental Services For Your Pet

Our veterinary dental team at Orchard Veterinary Care provides pet dental health care, from routine cleanings to advanced oral surgery, for dogs, cats and exotic companion animals in the Saskatoon area. 

Comprehensive Pet Dental Care for All Pets

Routine dental care is an important part of your pet's oral health, however many pets don't actually receive the dental care that they need in order to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Just like people, certain pets can be more prone to dental disease, while others can be very good at hiding symptoms of dental disease and pain.

Our veterinarians can assess your pet's oral health and recommend the best treatment plan for them, be it a full dental procedure under anesthetic, or simply a dental home care plan or a diet change.


At Orchard Veterinary Care, we provide comprehensive dental care for your pet, from cleanings and polishing to dental x-rays and surgeries.

Get in Touch with Us for Pet Dentistry Services in Saskatoon 

At Orchard Veterinary Care, we provide treatment for all types of pet dental problems, and treat a variety of species. Visit us or contact us today for a complete dental check-up for your pet.

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